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    TMO Tackle Flipping Hooks Hit the Market After 2+ Years of Development!

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    TMO Tackle Flipping Hooks Hit the Market After 2+ Years of Development!

    When I started TMO Tackle in 2020 it was a no brainer that I wanted to develop the best flipping hook on the market to compliment our Premium Non-Chip Tungsten Weights. I had experience with a wide variety of different brands, and like everyone I had my favorites. However, I always felt like there was never the perfect one. I constantly found myself saying how I liked ‘X” feature from one brand, and “Y’ feature from this other brand. But what if I could take all of those features and combine them into one hook? It couldn’t be that difficult could it?

    In the spring of 2021, we received our very first sample of what we didn’t know would end up being a 2+ year journey. Multiple trips to Lake Guntersville, thousands of mats punches, hundreds of docks flipped, multiple bed fish, and over 4 iterations later we’ve landed on what we believe is the best flipping hook sold on the market today.

    It starts with the materials. Our flipping hook is forged from high carbon steel and formed into a surgically sharpened needle point. We slightly increased the depth of our barb. By doing this it ensures that once you get a fish hooked, that fish is not coming unpinned. Our bait keeper is made from a durable ABS plastic material that stays in place, keeps your soft plastic secure from sliding down the shank of the hook, and most importantly doesn’t break after multiple fish. And finally with todays world of everyone tying a snell knot on their flipping hooks whether they’re using fluorocarbon or braid, we went ahead went the extra mile and welded our line tie. So even if you do decide to tie a traditional knot, there is no possible way for it come off.

    The phrase, “Good things come to those who wait” rings true with this product. What we expected to be just a few month process, maybe a year at most ended up being over two years. After a laundry list of obstacles like long lead times, supply chain issues, packaging designs, astronomical minimums, and shipping delays we are excited to finally bring this product to market.

    From the beginning we promised ourselves and our customers that we would not release a product unless we felt it was 100% perfect and something we would personally go purchase. Whether you’re a long time supporter of TMO Tackle or are just now finding us, do yourself a favor and pick up a few packs of these hooks. Tell your friends about them, make a social media post, or even send us an email with your thoughts, we love hearing from our customers! And as always, thank you for supporting our dream!


    Your Founder & CEO
    Tanner Martin

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