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    Get to Know TMO Tackle

    Premium Tackle: For Anglers, by Anglers!

    The Beginning

    As a freshman in college I got tired of paying the outrageous prices for tungsten weights. So I decided to go directly to the manufacturer, buy in bulk, and save some money. However, factory minimums were so large that I could've never used that much tungsten in a lifetime. It was then I decided to also try and sell them on eBay/ through my YouTube channel to make some side money.

    Starting with 5 sizes of Flipping Weights (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, & 1oz). With roughly 100 packs of each size, and strategically priced below the competition, they were gone within a week. Once realizing we were on to something we got busy getting a website built, and the original "TMO Tungsten" brand was born.

    Our First Big Move

    A year and a half into growing TMO Tungsten, we were approached by a well known brand in the Indiana area, River Rat Tackle. River Rat had changed hands a couple of times, and the current owner wasn’t able to devote the appropriate time needed to sustain the company.

    On September 14, 2021 we announced our acquisition of River Rat Tackle as the "TMO River Rat Series".

    Our New Identity

    After running TMO Tungsten and River Rat Tackle as co-brands, in the summer of 2022 we decided to rebrand everything, including the company, to TMO Tackle. Our logo, packaging, and marketing material all received a face lift. But one thing stayed the same, our mission to provide quality & affordable fishing products to the everyday angler.

    TMO Tackle Today

    Today TMO Tackle offers Flipping, Worm, Dropshot, Barrel, and Punching Tungsten Weights (110+ SKUs), our own custom designed Flipping Hooks, Shakey Heads, Tube Jig Heads, a growing line of soft plastics, and 4 different custom skirted jig styles. Every product is rigorously tournament tested, and we refuse to offer something that we don't personally fish with.

    It's Been Great Meeting You!

    TMO Tackle was founded with one goal in mind; to provide high quality, long-lasting fishing tackle at an affordable price. Without people like you supporting our business, we couldn’t achieve that goal. From everyone at TMO Tackle, thank you for supporting our dream.